71 SG is a Singapore company that offers startup accelerator and immersion programs, such as the Startup Development Learning (SDL) program, that brings Singapore startups overseas to help them learn about the business opportunities and connect them to potential business partners and investors to fine-tune their product/service offerings and business models to venture into overseas markets. In May 2018, 71SG launched its overseas incubator in Wuhan’s Optics Valley Founders Street that will provide plug-and-play solutions and serve as an innovative incubator platform to facilitate the exchange and cooperation between startups and SMEs from China, Singapore and ASEAN countries.


Interest areas: Internet of Things (IoT), new retail and new media

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Wuhan Fire Phoenix Cloud Computing Holding Co., Ltd was founded in Wuhan in 2011, and is a cloud technology-based enterprise in Central China that offers integrated cloud computing services and big data technologies and incubates technology startups and SMEs involved in areas, such as e-commerce, big data and fintech. Supported by EgoWork incubator platform, Fire Phoenix provides an integrated omni channel strategy “cloud + agri + ebiz infusion” for agriproducts, and helps SMEs with their digital transformation across various industries, including food & beverage, apparel & retail, agriculture and manufacturing. In 2016, Fire Phoenix was named by Deloitte amongst the fastest growing technology firms in the Asia Pacific region and was approved as a National-level Science and Technology Incubator by China’s Ministry of Science and Technology and is amongst Hubei’s e-commerce demonstration bases. Fire Phoenix will launch its first overseas incubator in Singapore’s Block 69 on 15 September 2018, in partnership with Singapore technology firm, ZWEEC Analytics.​


Interest areas: E-commerce, Big Data and FinTech

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Wuhan Industrial Institute for Optoelectronics (WIIO) was jointly established in Optics Valley Future City in Oct 2012 by the Wuhan East Lake High-Tech Development Zone (WEHDZ) and Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), in partnership with Wuhan National Laboratory for Optelectronics (WNLO) and the Hubei Provincial of Science & Investment Group, to support the development and industrialization of optoelectronics technologies in Optics Valley. In 2017, WIIO was approved by Ministry of Science and Technology as a National Professional Business Incubator and Co-working space for Optical Display. WIIO provides a platform for the incubation, technology commercialization and investment in high-tech Chinese technologies, focusing on health optoelectronics, energy optoelectronics, information optoelectronics and industrial optoeletronics. WIIO has since incubated more than 80 companies, of which, more than 10 innovative high-tech enterprises have been groomed and have successfully raised funding from investors.


Interest areas: Internet of Things (IoT), sensors and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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FiberHome Innovation Valley was established in 28 Jun 2016 by FiberHome Technologies Group, in collaboration with the Wuhan government to provide an ecosystem for the R&D and incubation of IoT and smart city technologies. The firm adopts “3-5-3” development model and collaborates with local government and IHLs to provide three platforms (a public service platform, an investment platform and an incubation platform), focusing on five areas of smart cities, such as smart city infrastructure networks, smart solutions for public security, smart education, smart tourism and smart transport, with the objective to commercialize, specialized and internationalize these technologies. Spanning a total area of 106mu, FiberHome Innovation Valley was approved by Ministry of Science and Technology on Jul 2016 amongst China’s first batch of National Professional Business Incubators and is a demonstration zone for software and info-tech development.


Interest areas: Smart Buildings, Smart Transport, Smart Tourism

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ZALL’s Youth Community is an entrepreneurship and innovation-oriented ecosystem developed by ZALL Group. Spanning 770,000sqm, ZALL Youth Community comprise of 5 blocks of co-working spaces, with a total GFA of more than 30,000sqm, that incubates technologies in artificial intelligence, IoT, smart manufacturing, e-commerce and new media, and includes a residential community for incubation companies comprising of 6 blocks of apartments, as well as shops and restaurants manned and operated by startups, creating a vibrant ecosystem within their startup community. ZALL Youth Community has since incubated 200 startups and has attracted more than 1000 residents within its community. Promising startups will be able to incubate and test-bed their concepts and solutions within ZALL Youth Community, and there will be opportunities to receive investment funding and project opportunities with ZALL Group.


Interest areas: Internet of Things (IoT), smart homes and smart robots

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